Being a firefighter since 1994, Sport and Health have always been the driving force in my life. I set up a training academy for firefighters and policemen where I worked for 15 years. However feeling eager to learn and try new trends, I have taken further qualifications in Personal Trainer and Spinal Column Rehabilitator:

Pilates Mat Instructor

Pilates Rehab Apparatus Instructor

Pilates Specific Apparatus (Pregancy, etc,) Instructor

Kinesis Training

TRX Training

Spinning Trainer

Nordic Walking Trainer

During all these years I have contributed with my experience throughout many Sport Centers. I have even had the opportunity to open my own ones. At this point of my career, I have decided to start up a new venture, being Partner and Technical Director for this pioneer experience in Spain. Feeling with the same enthusiasm and hopes, focused on changing your life through sport, health and deep human body knowledge.

As Joseph Pilates said: “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”.

Let us help you find it.

See you at Pilates Apparatus, Hot Pilates, Trx and Healthy Back classes.



I have practised various Yoga styles for over six years: Kundalini, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Hot...

I have a deep commitment with Yoga, its learning and constant training. Yoga has changed my life and I want to share the miraculous benefits of this ancient science with everyone who wishes to. My goals are to look after my students with care and to dedicate myself to love and discipline towards Yoga practice and teaching.




Vital, energetic and passionate. The first time I practised yoga I felt
how everything was changing within me.
Yoga meant a physical, mental and spiritual revolution in my life. I learned to connect with my breath,
to enjoy my inhalations and exhalations with real joy and consciousness.
After years of intense practice and training in Hatha and Hot Yoga I started teaching and found out that for me, guiding students during the class was and still is a way of deep communication with them, a way to share all the love within me.
So I’m on it, enjoying and learning as a student and sharing my energy, my passion and my talent as a teacher.
Yoga means union.
See you in the hot room, live, love and yoga.



Trained in classic ballet and interpretation, which I currently do professionally. I learnt yoga from my mother at the age of ten.

I studied and went further into my knowledge on Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yoga for pregnancy.

I pass on my optimistic spirit and joy for life through the classes and workshops.

I take my students to explore new paths within each movement. To awaken their creative energy and go deeper

inside the knowledge of their limits. I always encourage them to go beyond the barriers of the practice itself.




I have been practising yoga for years and I’m still learning something new every day.

Take your time, breath, get into posture, and then, the magic begins: your health, tranquillity, awareness, harmony towards yourself and the others, come back to you.

So when I get so much in such a natural way, I want to share it with everyone.

I currently have the great fortune and the experience to know how to pass on this “key”.

Observe yourself inside each position, experience it, breathe deeply.

I’ll see you in class.





I am journalist with twenty years of experience in radio, television and press. My true passion has always been yoga so I prepared myself and achieved different qualifications such as ashtanga yoga, dynamic yoga, yoga for children and yoga for mentally challenged people.

I have developed a yoga program used on almost one hundred students with Down syndrome, together with the Madrid Down Syndrome Founding. This project is still on with one class per week. I also train yoga teachers in various centres in Madrid and I contribute to specialised magazines and webs sites.



Stacy Viva, originally from Los Angeles, California is certified in Yoga Sculpt. Stacy is always looking for new ways to challenge the body. Stacy was quickly intrigued by Yoga Sculpt because it was highly motivating and worked all muscle groups within an hour, a "one stop shot".  "This was one of the most efficient classes I had ever taken and I felt renewed and energized every time I walked out of class. Moreover, it helped center me before returning to my job.” Yoga Sculpt combines yoga poses with weights, plyometrics (cardio bursts) and stretching all within a 60 minute timeframe.

Yoga Sculpt is the latest rage in the United States and has just arrived in Europe. Stacy Viva, founder of VivaYogaSculpt, offers private classes in Madrid. Stacy is excited to share the practice of Yoga Sculpt with Spain, a beautiful country, which has a very special place in her heart!